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AP Chemistry Updates:

Schedules Updated 1/3/2021.

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AP Schedule (with Hyperlinks to Labs, Notes, and Study Guides)

Tentative schedule for this year. General Objectives for each chapter, Assigned Problems and Sample Worked Problems are listed. Updates to the schedule will be posted regularly at the completion of each chapter.


Portions of these Assigned Problems will be graded. Students must do homework in order to succeed in this course. Due dates for these assignments are listed.

Laboratory Experiments are Word Documents.
Student Designed Rubric I, Rubric II, Rubric III define laboratory report expectations.

These Sample Worked Problems are some selected problems from the Student Solutions Manual. Not all students will purchase this accompanying book. These sample problems will be used to clarify concepts during class. They may assist students with both in class work and homework.

AP Classroom

This is a direct link to AP College Boards newest online resource for students AP Classroom. You will be assigned Daily Videos, Notes, Personal Progress Checks, MC Multiple Choice and FR Free Response Questions and Topic Questions from this site.

AP Course Information

General course description, sample parent/student letters ,text + solutions manual, needed materials and prerequisite skills and general attitude for success.


AP Topics

A general list of topics to be covered during this course in preparation for the AP Test. This courses schedule directly correlates with the list of AP Topics.

AP Program

Description of the AP Program as presented by The College Board. Time needed, What's needed, What topics are covered.

AP Test

Basic layout of the test, scoring , reasons for taking, test dates Sample tests, answers, scoring rationale.

AP Notes

Copies of the notes students will be taking in class during discussions. Students may print out copies of these and follow along during class. They will help in the completion of Study Guides. These guides are nightly assignments given out in class that are often graded to ensure students spend an adequate amount of time and thought on each concept.

AP PowerPoint Notes

These are the lecture, discussion and presentation notes used in class or at home in a Flipped Classroom. Students may print out copies of these and follow along during the presentation. It is suggested that you print the multi-slide format since most of these presentations are over 100 slides long.

AP Key Terms
The following are terms necessary to define and understand. Many terms are denoted by an asterisk to identify them as  terms required by the Ohio Graduation Test.

Quest Online

Screen Casts & Worksheets          My Screen Casts & Worksheets Page

AP Chemistry Study Session Sign-In Sheet (Word Document)

AP Correlation with Ohio Graduation Test Indicators   

AP Chemistry Study Session Sign-In Sheet (Word Document)

AP Resources
Reference materials:
Periodic Table Equation Sheet Resources AP Constants (PDF)*
AP Periodic Table (PDF) A.Dingle* AP SERP Table (PDF)*  
Ions     Ion Rules Periodic Table AP Chemistry-Bible
Electromagnetic Spectrum Densities Water Vapor
Standard Heats of Formation Activity Series Heat Sheets
Pressures and Densities Electronegativity Solubility of Salts
Periodic Arrangements AP Constants Sheets Reduction Potentials
General Solubility Guidelines Periodic Trends Prefixes
IUPAC Rules & Functional Groups VSEPR Theory IUPAC Arenes
New AP Equation Sheet   New AP Periodic Table

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