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AP College Board continually audits courses to ensure that an appropriate curriculum is being taught with an acceptable rigor. The 2017-18 audit was successful. The audit and associated syllabus below is still in use. 

The College Board audits required a submission to the College Board of the policies, procedures and curriculum for this course. Chemistry completed the latest revamp for the 2019-20 school year. It involved the realignment of the course topics within the 4 Big Ideas and 6 Science Practices.

AP Chemistry Curriculum Framework

AP Chemistry Course and Exam Description

Current FHS AP Chemistry Syllabus (Word Document)

Chemistry completed the revamp for the 2013-2014 school year. It involved the realignment of course topics with The 6 Big Ideas and 7 Science Practices. Implementing these changes has allowed the course has become more laboratory driven and Inquiry based.

AP Chemistry Curriculum Framework

Framework Basics Word Document Summary

AP Chemistry Concepts at a Glance (Word Document)

FHS AP Chemistry Old Syllabus (Word document)

Course Description

AP Chemistry is a rigorous, fast-paced class that follows a college-level general chemistry curriculum. The course prepares students to take the Advanced Placement Examination for Chemistry that may lead to college credit. Many topics from Honors Chemistry are reviewed and studied to greater depth. Additional advanced topics that are covered include chemical equilibria, chemical kinetics, and thermodynamics. Extensive laboratory work is included. This is a two period class.

Course Rational

This class will prepare students to take the advanced placement test, which enables them to test out of general chemistry in college. Even though the test is optional, it is recommend that students set the goal early in the year to take it. A firm commitment will not have to be made until February, but preparing for the test provides a focus that is beneficial to the whole class. It is a difficult test that covers a large amount of material, but a passing score is certainly within reach of most students in this class. Review materials will be distributed throughout the year to emphasize that it is impossible to study for this test the night before. Preparation is a year-long commitment.

Course Prerequisites

Algebra II and Honors Chemistry or equivalent course. An "A" or "B" average is recommended and verified for both prerequisite courses.

Course Requirements

Students are required to have a scientific and/or graphing calculator. Those suggested by the math department will suffice. Most students prefer the very user friendly Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators. Of these calculators, the TI-83Plus is by far the most economical and versatile.  All TI-82 and above versions are compatible with both computer software called Graphical Analysis or LabPro and data collection equipment called LabQuest II used in this course. For more information about the calculators, software and the LabQuest II press Calculator Information.


Student & Book  Info Sheet / Class Mgmt & Lab Contract. 8/21/17

AP Chemistry Parent/Guardian Letter 1 8/21/17 

                - Course introduction, Laboratory Safety, AP Test

AP Chemistry Parent/Guardian  Letter 2 10/8/17

                - Performance and Demonstrations

AP Chemistry Parent/Guardian Letter 3 2/24/17

                - The Final Test in Preparation for the AP Exam

AP Chemistry Parent/Guardian Letter 4 3/14/17

                - AP Exam Scheduling and Fees

AP Chemistry Textbook

This is the textbook currently being used by the AP Chemistry class. The class is scheduled for new textbooks this year. COVER YOUR TEXTBOOKS

Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity - Package - ISBN10: 0495494437; ISBN13: 9780495494430  Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity 7th ed.
John C. Kotz, Paul M. Treichel, John R. Townsend Hardcover - $164.00
ISBN10: 0495494437
ISBN13: 9780495494430
Edition/Copyright: 7TH 09

Publisher: Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.
Cover: Hardback
Year Published: 2009

The text is issued with two (2) CD's.

AP Chemistry Solutions Manual (Optional/Suggested)

Student Solutions Manual to Accompany Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity. KOTZ & PURCELL. By Banks  Paperback - $17.00                                                  ISBN: 003053618
Publisher: Saunders College Publishing
Pub. Date: January 1991

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