Classroom Discipline Plan      2018-19       Teacher: Phillip Kirk

Rules listed in the Student Handbook will be enforced in the classroom at all times.


1. The student is to be in the classroom when the bell rings and to be ready for the teacher to start class.

2. There is to be no talking while the teacher is talking. The student will raise his/her hand and seek permission to speak out in class. When there is permission to talk do so quietly to ensure that privilege is not taken away.

3. The student is not to touch any classroom equipment without permission. (Lab demonstrations, lab equipment, chalkboard, teacherís desk, projectors or other school equipment.)

4. Students should be courteous and respectful to everyone in the classroom.

5. The student is to use his/her best effort to follow the teacherís directions.

6. In accordance with FHS Policies and Procedures, Cell Phones, Cameras, Music/Video Players and other like devices should be turned off and be put away during class.

7. In accordance with FHS Policies and Procedures, food and soda pop or cola is not permitted in science laboratory classrooms.

8. In accordance with FHS Policies and Procedures, plagiarism and/or cheating are not permitted in this course. All work should be your own and you should appropriately cite others work that you included in your own.  

9. Computers in the classroom are for school projects. Playing of games, shopping, and other activities not required by courses are prohibited and may result in loss of computer privileges.

10. Use or activation of safety devices (Power Shut-Off, Safety Shower, Eye-Wash System, Gas Shut-Off) when not required will result in 3 Day suspension.

11. Leave the sinks, gas valves, locks, cabinets, drawers/handles, and electrical outlets alone unless they are being used for a laboratory activity.

12. Unauthorized experiments or use of chemicals is not permitted. These could result in elimination of laboratory privileges.


1ST OFFENSE - Verbal Warning

2ND OFFENSE - 15 Minute After School Detention. After School Detention requires the student to do some form of manual labor (i.e. cleaning desks, washing boards, sweeping the floor, etc.) or the student may take the option for a 30 minute detention where he/she works quietly on school work.  Use of unauthorized items will result in the confiscation of offending item for student pickup. Failure to serve a detention or turn over an unauthorized item will have the same consequence as a 3rd Offense.

3RD OFFENSE - Parent Conference and Referral. Use of unauthorized items will result in the confiscation of offending item for parent pickup.

MORE SERIOUS OFFENSE - After School Detention

                                      - Immediate Parent Notification and/or Referral

                                      - Police Notification and Charges Will Be Filed

Plagiarized items will be copied for school records, the item will receive NO CREDIT, and both parents and administration will be notified.

Regarding Our New Classroom, Materials & Texts

The Science Laboratories at FHS are new. Students and their guardians should help protect school resources and investments. Each day every student should examine their materials and immediately notify the teacher of any damages. Failure to do this may delay the discovery of damages and the identification of those responsible. Defacing or destruction of materials will be dealt with as detailed in the student handbook. Whenever possible those responsible for damages will be held financially accountable for repairs.

Hawk's Way PBIS

Electronic Device Use Policy

Volume Level

I am here to teach. You don't have the right to disrupt each studentís right to an education.