Honors Chemistry Parent/Guardian Letter 1       1/3/09

Semester Exams are approaching

Dear Parent and/or Guardian,

       Semester Exams are fast approaching. In the past, students could earn Exam Exemptions permitting them to get out of taking these tests. Beginning this year, no exemptions will be allowed for any courses at Fairborn High School (FHS). It is the general consensus of the teaching staff and administration at FHS that since the two semester exams combined make-up one-fifth of the student's grade in year-long courses that exemptions minimize the importance of these tests and do not prepare students for college courses where the majority of the student's grade is composed of one or two major exams. 

       FHS students in general do not take these tests as seriously as they should. That is the reason I am contacting you at this time. With your assistance, I can help your child better prepare for this courses semester exam. They should use the resources provided and set aside enough time for their review of materials that will be covered on the exam.  The review materials and the topics covered on this test are presented on the web site and several have been distributed in class. Please help them set aside study time and ensure they review material. You could even work with them in preparing for test. At least help instill in them the importance of these tests.

       Please take note that students and parents can track student grades through the chemistry web site. You may also request a grade printout at any time. I will either send printouts home with students or leave them with your studentís councilor, whichever you prefer. These student printouts can also be faxed and sent as PDF documents to your email. 

        Thank-you for your continued support and concern for your son's or daughter's education.  Please schedule appointments with the Main Office. If you have any questions please contact me at FHS (879-3611,) Email me pkirk@fairborn.k12.oh.us or contact me through the Chemistry Web Site at www.fairborn.k12.oh.us.

                                                                                            Phillip W. Kirk