Honors Chemistry Parent/Guardian Letter 4       4/1/09

Scheduling Science Classes for Next Year

Dear Parent and/or Guardian,

       This week you should obtain from you child a form for the selection of next year science course. Teachers conference with each student in class to ensure the best choice of science class based on his or her performance in this course, the students interests and demonstrated math abilities.

        Please take a few moments to review your child's choices and the teachers' suggestions. You can reference the course catalogue and student handbook to ensure that your child chooses the most appropriate course for their individual goals and ability level.       

       Thank-you for your continued support and concern for your son's or daughter's education. If you have any questions please contact me at FHS (879-3611,) Email me pkirk@fairborn.k12.oh.us or contact me through the Chemistry Web Site at www.fairborn.k12.oh.us.


                                                                                 Phillip W. Kirk