Laboratory Safety Regulations 2019/2020
1. An unprepared laboratory worker is an unsafe worker; read assignments before lab. If there is anything you do not understand, ask your teacher before you start.
2. Do not wear contacts on lab days specified by your teacher. If you do wear contacts you should wear vapor goggles at all times. Safety goggles must be worn by all students when lab begins. Aprons are strongly encouraged.
3. Know the location of and operating procedure for the eye wash fountain, safety shower, fire blanket, and fire extinguisher.
4. Never put anything in your mouth (including food) while working in the laboratory. Unless instructed by your teacher.
5. Do not perform any unauthorized experiments. Consult your teacher before trying an experiment that is not prescribed in your materials.
6. Wash your hands frequently; always wash your hands immediately after finishing laboratory work. Wash spilled chemicals from your skin immediately using large amounts of water. Wash spilled chemicals from bench tops before leaving the lab.
7. Never inhale chemicals directly. When instructed to smell a substance, wave the fumes toward you nose and inhale gently.
8. Hot glass and hot metal look like cool glass and cool metal. Bring a finger or the back of your hand near recently heated materials to be sure that they are cool enough to handle before touching. Hot materials may be left on bench tops. Test materials before you try to move them.
9. Use extreme caution when working with glass tubing, especially when using tubing and rubber stoppers. Lubricate glass with suitable lubricant and use a cloth towel to wrap both the tubing and the stoppers.
10. Extreme caution should be exercised when using a burner. Keep your head, hair, and clothing away from the flame. Turn off the flame when not in use. Always check the gas valves around you before you light your burner. Before leaving the lab, check to see that all gas valves are turned off. Do not burn anything except specified materials.
11. Practical jokes or horseplay in the laboratory are prohibited. No water bottle squirt guns.
12. Never work alone in a lab. A partner can help in case of an accident.
13. Follow the specific disposal procedures given for each waste material produced during an experiment. Solids should never be put in sink!
14. Your apparel should be appropriate for laboratory work. Clothes may be stained and/or destroyed if an accident does occur, so be careful. Long hanging necklaces, bracelets and heavy jewelry should not be worn. Excessive and bulky clothing should not be worn. No open toed shoes or sandals should be worn. Sandals may be worn, if socks are also worn. Long hair must be tied back before you begin any lab.
15. Never remove any chemicals or materials from the laboratory.
16. Only lab instructions, a pencil and lab materials are permitted on bench tops during labs. Books, book bags, purses should be stored where designated.
17. Work areas and apparatus should be kept clean and organized on the bench top. Never put any thing behind a burner. You do not want to reach across a lit burner.
18. At the end of each experiment, always clean and wipe dry all apparatus, tables.
19. Read the label on chemicals carefully before using the chemical. After removing the correct amount of the chemical, check that it is the correct chemical.
20. To avoid contamination, do not return unused chemicals to their containers. Similarly, never put a pipet or dropper into a reagent bottle. Never use a contaminated scoop or splint to obtain a chemical. Pour small amounts of the desired chemical into a small clean beaker and use that as your supply.
21. When diluting an acid, always pour the acid slowly into the water with stirring to dissipate the heat generated. Never pour water into acid!
22. When heating a liquid in a test tube, turn the mouth of the tube away from everyone.
23. Never push down on the electronic balances. Never exceed their maximum mass. Liquids are very seldom massed, so all materials and containers should be dry before you place them on the balance. Always clean the balance pan after massing a material. Materials are never massed directly on the balance pan; use a massed beaker or weighing paper.
24. Use or activation of safety devices (Power Shut-Off, Safety Shower, Eye-Wash System, Gas Shut-Off) when not required will result in 3 Day suspension.
25. Leave the sinks, gas valves, locks, cabinets, drawers, electrical outlets alone unless they are being used for a laboratory activity. 
Lab Safety & Classroom Regulations Contract  
I (student)______________________________ have read and agree to abide by the safety 
regulations as set forth above and also any additional instructions provided by the 
teacher and/or district. I further agree to follow all other written and verbal 
instructions given in class. I have read and agree to abide by the Classroom 
Management and Classroom Discipline Policy as set forth by those sheets included in
my notebook and also any additional instructions provided by the teacher and/or 
district. I understand and agree with all regulations, policies and procedures. 
Any loss or injury to either myself or others caused by my failure to follow the 
policies and the procedures as set forth by this district, school and my teacher 
cannot and will not be held against this district, school and my teacher. I can be 
held financially accountable for damages that I cause due to my failure to follow 
the policies and the procedures as set forth by this district, school and my teacher.
Furthermore, I have viewed and inventoried the condition of the assigned text book.
I and my parents accept the financial obligation which may arise either if any 
unlisted damage occurs in the course of the year or if said text is lost. 
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If you have any questions or comments, then please contact Mr. Kirk directly as 
soon as possible. Mr. Kirk must be contacted or this sheet signed and returned by  
the following date: August 30, 2019

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