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Course Description

This course is a traditional approach to chemistry in which students will study the basic theories and concepts of chemistry. The intent is to give students a basic working knowledge of chemistry.

Course Prerequisites

The main prerequisites for this course is that students should have completed Physical Science or a year of Biology. Honors requires concurrent enrollment in Algebra I or higher math course  

Course Requirements

See individual teacher requirements. In general students are required to have a three ring notebook of at least one inch capacity. The notebook is graded for organization and completeness. This requirement will assist students in attaining and perfecting organizational skills. An organized notebook will aid in preparation for chemistry tests and college courses.

Students are required to have a scientific and/or graphing calculator. Those suggested by the math department will suffice. Most students prefer the very user friendly Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators. Of these calculators, the TI-83 & TI-84 are by far the most economical and versatile.  All TI-83 and above versions are compatible with both computer software, Graphical Analysis or LabPro, and data collection equipment, LabQuest II used in this course. For more information about the calculators, software and LabQuest II press Calculator Information.

Introductory documents:

Laboratory Safety Contract,

Chemistry Classroom Management Plan, 

Classroom Discipline Plan,

Student and Textbook Information Sheet

LaboratorySafety Resources @Addison Wesley2002

 Knowing your ABC's (elements and ions)

        Periodic  Table, Ions, Ion Rules

Chemistry Text

Modern Chemistry
 Holt McDougal 
 Sarquis, Sarquis

 Hardcover - $147.20 NEW

 ISBN-13: 978-0544850552 

 Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt  

Pub. Date: June 2015

Students will be required to keep their textbooks covered throughout the school year. Covers are made available to all students at school or they may choose to cover the text with materials from home. All school books should have covers to prevent damage to the texts and damage fees. Fees may be charged when texts are returned at the end of the year for any unreasonable damages inflicted on the text while in loan to the student. See Textbook Condition form that is part of the Student and Textbook Information Sheet. Parents and students must sign a contract  verifying the starting condition of the text. Please help keep textbooks covered. All students will have access to the online Textbook offered with Modern Chemistry.

Study Aids

Students may check out of the school media center two different interactive study aids. One Chemistry ASAP! is filled with Animations, Simulations, Assessments, and practice Problems. The other is Chemistry Super Tutor. It contains several animations, simulations and stepped-problems.

Students will use Quest an online assignment system offered by the University of Texas.

Online Video Notes and Tutorials are provided by our connection with the NMSI program and our grant from Boeing.


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