Chemistry Updates:

Grades & Schedule Updated 1/3/2021

Chemistry Schedule
This is the tentative schedule for this year. Changes to the schedule will be posted at the conclusion of each chapter.

Chemistry Course Information
A general description of the course including the materials, prerequisite skills, requirements and general attitude needed for success. Letters to parents can be accessed on this page as well as copies of Classroom Management Plan, Discipline Plan, Student/Textbook Information Sheet and Lab Safety Forms. This page will also explain the application process and give textbook information.
Chemistry Notes

The following are brief outlines to the notes students will be taking during in class discussions. They may print these and follow along in class.

Chemistry Power Points (PPT)

These are the in-class lecture notes that will be used to instruct students during in class discussions. They may print these and follow along in class.

Chemistry Study Guides

The following are the Study Guides students will be using during in class and as homework to organize thoughts and concepts. Students will receive copies of these in class.

Chemistry Key Terms
The following are terms necessary to define and understand. Many terms are denoted by an asterisk to identify them as  terms required by the Ohio Graduation Test.
Chemistry Online Problems
Problems will be assigned from The University of Texas Quest online Assignment site. They have opening and closing times and dates in which to complete them.   
Chemistry Book Problems
Problems will be assigned from Modern Chemistry the issued hardcopy textbook and its online equivalent. The assigned problems come from the end of chapter Reviews and Appendix D Problem Bank. Selected Answers are listed in Appendix E and can be found online.
Chemistry Lesson Plans
The following are daily lesson plans that define what the teacher and student are expected to do and details the resources and materials needed to do it.
Grade Update Pages

Chemistry Resources
Reference materials:
Ions     Ion Rules Periodic  Table Periodic Trends
Electromagnetic Spectrum Densities Periodic Arrangements
Standard Heats of Formation Activity Series Heat Sheets
Pressures and Densities Electronegativity Solubility of Salts
VESPR Theory SI Conversions SI Conversion  Adobe PDF
General Solubility Guidelines Water Vapor Prefixes
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