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Opening Week Schedule 2020-21

FCSchool District DELAYED Calendar 2020-21

High School Schedules 2020-21


Students Need To Do These By: (Due 9/11/2020)

1) Log into Google Classroom and enroll into the appropriate course. Use the SlidEX assigned to you to visit, enroll and log into all of the sites and resources we will be using this year.

Goto Google Classroom

2) Of the sites listed in the SlidEx one of the most important will be the online textbook. Log into the Online Textbook: Modern Chemistry Website and your account. Your teacher will create your account and give you your ID and a temporary log in. You must complete your information and create a new password.

Goto Online Textbook

3) The second most important site listed in the SlidEx is our online homework site, Quest. Sign onto the University of Texas Quest Online Assignment Site by creating a UTEID and Password. Make sure to write down you UTEID and Password.

Register for correct class listed below by teacher:

Get Quest UTEID and Password

4) In Google Classroom you have been assigned a form in Classwork. Sign the Online Form: Classroom Management, Discipline and Safety Contract signed by both student and parent/guardian.


Quarter 1


bullet Schedule
bullet POwer Point Notes(PPT)

Chapter 1 - Matter and Change

bullet Schedule
bullet Power Point Notes (PPT)

Chapter 2  - Measurement and Calculations

bullet Schedule
bullet Notes  PPT
bullet DA Tutorial PPT DA Hints

Chapter 3  - Atoms: the building blocks of matter   

bullet Schedule
bullet Notes  PPT

Element Project I - Atom Model

Quarter 2

Chapter 21  - Nuclear Chemistry

bullet Schedule
bullet Notes  PPT PPT


Chapter 4  - Arrangements of Electrons in Atoms

bullet Schedule
bullet Notes  PPT

Element Project II - Quantum Numbers


Chapter 5  - the Periodic law

bullet Schedule
bullet Notes  PPT Properties  PPT Trends

Element Project III - Properties

Chapter 6  - Chemical Bonding

bullet Schedule
bullet Covalent notes    PPT
bullet Molecule Shapes: Basic
bullet Molecule Shapes
bullet Molecule Polarity
bullet Prefixes


Semester Exam Review Exams Cancelled for This Year

Semester Exam Objectives

Semester Exam Key Terms

Semester Exam Skills Practice



Quarter 3

Jan 6 Homeroom 1st Thing for schedules.

Go over Semester Exam Results.

Chapter 7  - Chemical names and formulas

bullet SchedulE 7.1 & 7.2
bullet Notes  PPT
bullet ionic notes     PPT7.1 & 7.2
bullet Ions
bullet IOn Rules
bullet Compound Naming & Formulas Guide
bullet Compound Naming FlowChart
bullet Schedule 7.3 & 7.4
bullet Notes      PPT 7.3 & 7.4

Formal ID Powders

Recycle Naming and Formula Writing

Chapter 8  - Chemical Equations and Reactions 

bullet*Distance Learning Letter to Students*

**Make Sure you are "Checking-In" by commenting on Google Classroom every couple of days**

Use School Gmail to communicate directly with teachers.

bullet Schedule
bullet Notes  PPT
bullet Notes - Balancing Classifying Reactions

8.1 Describing Chemical Reactions 8.1 KEY


8.2 Types of Chemical Reactions 8.2 KEY


8.3 Activity Series of the Elements 8.3 KEY

Practice-Predicting Prod_Rxn Types KEY

bullet Balancing Chemical Equations
bullet Reactants, Products and Leftovers
bullet Activity Series
bullet Solubility Guide
bullet Solubility Table

Don't Forget to Go onto Quest for Online Assignments

bullet EA 8a
bullet Ea 8b
bullet EA 8c
bullet Chapter 8 Quest Quiz

Quarter 4


Flinn Science Laboratory Videos and Online Resources

Chapter 10  - The states of matter

bullet Schedule
bullet Notes  PPT

10.1 Kinetic-Molecular Theory 10.1KEY


10.2 Liquids 10.2 KEY


10.3 Solids 10.3 KEY


10.4 Changes of State 10.4 KEY


10.5 Water 10.5 KEY

Practice - Phase Diagram KEY


bullet States of Matter: Basics
bullet States of Matter

Flinn Science Laboratory Videos and Online Resources

Don't Forget to Go onto Quest for Online Assignments

bullet EA 10a
bullet Ea 10b
bullet Chapter 10 Quest Quiz

Chapter 11  - gases

bullet Schedule
bullet Notes  PPT
bullet 11.1 Study Guide   11.1 Key
bullet 11.2 study GUide   11.2 Key
bullet 11.3 Study Guide   11.3 Key
bullet 11.4 Study Guide   11.4 Key
bullet Chapter 11 Quest Quiz 5/13 Zoom Meeting

***Zoom meeting Details are in Google Classroom most recent post***

bullet Chapter 11 Quest Quiz 5/14 Answer Key

If the video or PhET links are broken, then right click copy and paste the links directly into a browser bar.

bullet Gas Laws & Pressure Video
bullet Gas Laws Video
bullet Ideal Gas Law video
bullet Diffusion & Effusion Video
bullet Chapter 11 Quest Quiz Zoom Meeting Video


bullet Gases Intro
bullet Gas Properties
bullet Diffusion

Flinn Science Laboratory Videos and Online Resources

Don't Forget to Go onto Quest for Online Assignments

bullet EA 11a
bullet Ea 11b
bullet Chapter 11 Quest Quiz


Chapter 12  - Solutions     

bullet Schedule
bullet Note Outline  PPT

Final Exam Objective Summary Cancelled

Final Exam Key Terms Cancelled

Key Terms Combined by Chapter - Terms & Definitions

Final Exam Review Cancelled

Color/Font Codes 

Red Italicized No School for students

Green Bold Midterm and Quarter End Dates

Blue Important Parent/Student Information

Purple Homeroom & Staff Meetings

Chapter 9  - Stoichiometry

bullet Schedule
bullet Notes
bullet Stoichiometry tutorials

          5 Viewed Stoichiometry Tutorials Due:

Aspirin formation anaysis(*two per)

Chapter 13   - ions in aqueous solutions & COLLIGATIVE pROPERTIES

bullet Schedule
bullet Notes  PPT
bullet Solubility list
bullet Solubility Guide Lines

Net Ionic Reactions

Net Ionic Tutorial

Chapter 14 - acids and bases

bullet Schedule
bullet PPT
bullet pH Scale/[H+]&[OH-]/Indicators

Chapter 15 -  Acid & Base TITRATION and PH

bullet Schedule
bullet Notes  PPT

Chapter 16  - Reaction Energy

bullet Schedule
bullet Notes  PPT

Molarity/Dilution(*two Per)

Chapter 17 - Reaction Kinetics

Chapter 18 - Chemical Equilibrium

Chapter 19 - Oxidation - Reduction Reactions

Chapter 20 - Electrochemistry

Chapter 22 - Organic Chemistry

Chapter 23 - Biological Chemistry


District Make-Up Days

April 22

May 30,31

June 3,4

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