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2018-2019 Dates

Aug 15                New Student Orientation

Aug 16               Focus Camp         4pm - 7:30pm  

Aug 17              Focus Camp        9am-2pm






Aug 20 Opening Day for all staff

Aug 21 No School Teacher Mtg

Aug 22                  School Starts Homeroom


Aug 24             Early Release    


Aug 28            Open House/ Parent Info Mtg 6pm-7pm


Aug 29 Staff Mtg


Aug 31   Homeroom Unity Day         Early Release

Sept 3  No School Labor Day

Sept 5 Staff Mtg

Sept 7             Early Release 

Sept 11             Picture Day

Sept 14             Early Release 

Sept 21  Homeroom Midterms        Early Release 

Sept 21              Homecoming Game     

Sept 22             Homecoming Dance

Sept 24 No School  Inservice Day

Sept 27                 PT Conferences (3:00 - 6:30) & Senior Info Mtg   (6-7)

Oct 3 Staff Mtg

Oct 4                 PT Conferences (3:00 - 6:30) & FAFSA, CCP Mtg  (6-7)

Oct 5              Early Release

Oct 12              Early Release

Oct 20              Early Release

Oct 18 End Q1


FCSchool District Calendar 2018-19  (Adobe Document)

New High School Schedules 2018-2019

Opening Days Schedule 2018-2019

 Objectives, Schedules, Labs, Study Guides, Notes, Resources

Students Need To Do: (Due 8/31/2018)

1) Sign onto the Online Homework Site by Logging In and creating a UT EID and Password. Register for this class


(Chem3rd) Fall 2018 3rd Period Unique ID 201820193


(Chem4th) Fall 2018 4th Period Unique ID 201820194


(Chem6th) Fall 2018 6th Period Unique ID 201820196..


2) Log into the Modern Chemistry Website and Create and account.

3) Turn in Student & Textbook Inventory Form and Safety Contract (covering the following documents) Signed by both student and parent/guardian.

Introductory Handouts

 Student and Textbook Information Sheet,

 Classroom Management Plan,  

 Laboratory Safety Contract,

 Laboratory Safety Resources @Addison Wesley2002

 Modern Chemistry On-line Text -pdf

 eBook and Student Resources

 Modern Chemistry Glossary of Key Terms -word

- University of Colorado Simulations & Activities

PhET Links below are broken. It will take several hours of coding to relink them. I will get to it sometime later. You will have to go to the PhET site and launch the simulations directly. HTML5 Sims will work on Chromebooks, but the remaining Java Sims will NOT work on Chromebooks.

PhET Simulation Links -(Word Document)

Quarter 1

Chapter 0 - Introductions / Safety

bullet Objectives/Schedule/LABS
bulletLaboratory Safety Contract
bulletLaboratory Safety Resources @Addison Wesley2002

Chapter 1 - Matter and Change

bullet Objectives/Schedule/LABS
bullet e textbook
bullet Power Point Notes (Abbreviated as PPT)

Formal Solid ID Project

Chapter 2  - Measurement and Calculations

bullet Objectives/Schedule/LABS
bullet Notes  PPT
bullet DA Tutorial PPT DA Hints
bullet Densities

What is a Penny Worth?

Chapter 3  - Atomic Structure:   

bullet Objectives/Schedule/LABS
bullet Notes  PPT
bullet Build an atom
bullet periodic table

Isotopic Penny Lab and/or Candium Lab

Formal H2O&Ethanol (*Team grade w/rubric)

Sugars of diff color/diff densities ROYGBIV)







Oct 19 No School  Teacher Record Day

Oct23    National Mole Day

Oct 26              Early Release Report Cards   Homeroom

Oct 29 Picture Retakes & Sr Pics

Oct 30 Fall Concert

Nov 2              Early Release

Nov 4                 Daylight Savings (clocks 1hr back)

Nov 7 Staff Mtg NHS Induction

Nov 9              Early Release  Marching Band Indy

Nov 12       Veterans Day

Nov 16              Early Release

Nov 17-21           Semester Exams

Nov21-23            No School ThanksGiving Break

Nov 27 Midterms           Homeroom

Dec 1-2        Winter Concert

Dec 5 Staff Mtg

Dec 7              Early Release

Dec 14              Early Release

Dec 20 End Q2    Early Dismissal       

Dec21-Jan2          No School       Winter Recess



Quarter 2

Chapter 21  - Nuclear Chemistry

bullet Objectives/Schedule/LABS
bullet Study Guide
bullet Notes  PPT PPT


Chapter 4  - Electrons in Atoms

bullet Objectives/Schedule/LABS
bullet Study Guide
bullet Notes  PPT
bullet Waves
bullet Rutherford Scattering
bullet Discharge Lamps
bullet Photoelectric Effect
bullet Spectrum
bullet Element Spectra       
bullet Online Electron Simulation

Element Project

Chapter 5  - Periodic Table

bullet Objectives/Schedule/LABS
bullet Study Guide
bullet Notes  PPT Trends
bullet Periodic Trends   
bullet activity sheet
bullet electronegativity

Semester Exam Review

Semester Exam Objectives

Semester Exam Key Terms

Jan 3 Homeroom      

Jan 4               Early Release

Jan 7 Talent Show

Jan 8             Report Cards Homeroom

Jan 9 Staff Mtg

Jan 11               Early Release

Jan 18             Early Release

Jan 21 No School MLK Day

Feb 1              Early Release

Feb 6  Staff Mtg

Feb  7                     PT Conferences    3-6:30pm                Jr PSEO Night     6-7pm

Feb 8 Midterms Early Release Homeroom

Feb  12                     PT Conferences    3-6:30pm                Jr PSEO Night     6-7pm

Feb 14                Valentines Day

Feb 15               No School

Feb 18 No School Presidents Day

Feb 21-23             FHS Musical

Feb 22              Early Release

Mar 1 No School  Inservice Day

Mar 5  Choral Spectacular 7pm

Mar 6 Staff Mtg

Mar 8              Early Release

Mar 10           Daylight Savings (clock 1hr ahead)

Mar 12  Spring Strings 7pm

Mar 14 End Q3  Early Release

Mar 15 No School Records Day


Quarter 3

Jan 3 Homeroom 1st Thing for schedules.

Go over Semester Exam Results.

Chapter 6  - Chemical Bonding

bullet Objectives/Schedule/LABS
bullet Study Guide
bullet Notes   PPt
bullet Study Guide
bullet Notes PPT
bullet Model Work sheet
bullet VsPER Sheet

3D Molecule Modeling Program

Chapter 7  - Chemical names and formulas

bullet Objectives/Schedule/LABS
bullet Study guide
bullet Notes  PPT
bullet Molecule Shapes: Basic
bullet Ions
bullet IOn Rules
bullet Prefixes
bullet Compound Naming & Formulas
bullet Compound Naming FlowChart

Formal ID Powders

Chapter 7.3  - Chemical Quantities 

bullet Objectives/Schedule/LABS
bullet Study Guide
bullet Notes  PPT

Recycle Naming and Formula Writing

Chapter 8  - Chemical Reactions 

bullet Objectives/Schedule/LABS
bullet Study Guide
bullet Notes  PPT
bullet Molecule Shapes
bullet Balancing Chemical Equations
bullet Molecule Polarity
bullet Activity Series
bullet Solubility Guide
bullet Solubility Table

Net Ionic Reactions

Net Ionic Tutorial


Mar 19 Festive Band Concert 7pm


Mar 21-24             Sr. Class Trip

Mar 22              Early Release        


Mar 29              Early Release Report Cards Homeroom  


Apr 3 Staff Mtg

Apr 5               Early Release

Apr 12               Early Release

Apr 14-22            No School        Spring Break

Apr 19 Good Friday

Apr26 Midterms  Early Release        Homeroom         Hall of Honor 7pm

Apr 27             Prom 8-11pm

May 1 Staff Mtg

May 3      Sr/Faculty Game Early Release

May 7                  Spring Choir Concert

Thursday  MAY 9   AP Chemistry Test 

May 10             Early Release

May 14                   Evening of Strings

May 16                   Sr Awards Night

May 17                   Jazz Fest

May 18              Early Release

May 20-22             Sr Exams  

May 24    Graduation 7pm  Early Release

May 24             Final Exams 

May 27               No School        Memorial Day

May 28,29          Final Exams 

May 29 End Q4    Last School Day  Early Release

May 30 Closing Day


Quarter 4

Chapter 9  - Stoichiometry

bullet Objectives/Schedule/LABS
bullet Study Guide
bullet Notes
bullet Stoichiometry tutorials

          5 Viewed Stoichiometry Tutorials Due 4/27/18

Aspirin formation anaysis(*two per)

Chapter 10  - The states of matter

bullet Objectives/Schedule/LABS
bullet Study Guide
bullet Notes  PPT

Chapter 11  - the behavior of gases

bullet Objectives/Schedule/LABS
bullet Study Guide
bullet Notes  PPT


Chapter 12  - water and aqueous systems (sol, colloid, susp, electro)     

bullet Objectives/Schedule/LABS
bullet Note Outline  PPT

Chapter 13   - solutions & COLLIGATIVE pROPERTIES

bullet Objectives/Schedule/LABS
bullet Study Guide
bullet Notes  PPT
bullet Solubility list
bullet Solubility Guide Lines

Chapter 14& 15  - acids and bases

bullet Objectives/Schedule/LABS
bullet Study Guide  PPT
bullet pH Scale/[H+]&[OH-]/Indicators

                                - Neutralization & TITRATION

bullet Objectives/Schedule/Labs
bullet Notes  PPT

Chapter 16  - Thermo chem - heat and Chemical Change

bullet Objectives/Schedule/Labs
bullet Notes  PPT

Molarity/Dilution(*two Per)

Final Exam Objective Summary

Final Exam Key Terms

Key Terms Combined by Chapter - Terms & Definitions

Final Exam Review

Color/Font Codes 

Red Italicized No School for students

Green Bold Midterm and Quarter End Dates

Blue Important Parent/Student Information

Purple Homeroom & Staff Meetings

District Make-Up Days

April 22

May 30,31

June 3,4

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