Chemistry Study Guides

Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 3 Atoms: The Building Blocks of Matter

Section 3.1 The Atom: From Philosophical Ideas to Scientific Theory

Section 3.2 The Structures of the Atom

Section 3.3 Counting Atoms

Chapter 21 Nuclear Chemistry

Section 21.1 The Nucleus

Section 21.2 Radioactive Decay

Section 21.3 Nuclear Radiation

Section 21.4 Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion

Chapter 4 Arrangement of Electrons in Atoms

Section 4.1 The Development of a New Atomic Model

Section 4.2 The Quantum Model of the Atom

Section 4.3 Electron Configurations

Chapter 5 The Periodic Law

Section 5.1 The Periodic Table

Section 5.2 Properties of the Elements 

Section 5.3 Periodic Trends

Chapter 6 Chemical Bonding

Section 6.1 Introduction to Chemical Bonding

Section 6.2 Covalent Bonding and Molecular Compounds

Section 6.3 Ionic Bonding and Ionic Compounds

Section 6.4 Metallic Bonding

Section 6.5 Molecular Geometry

Chapter 7 Chemical Formulas and Compounds

Section 7.1 Chemical Names and Formulas

Section 7.2 Oxidation Numbers

Section 7.3 Using Chemical Formulas

Section 7.4 Determining Chemical Formulas

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