Phillip Kirk   

Teaching Experience: 28 Years, Fairborn High School

Courses Taught: Physical Science, Integrated Science, Chemistry & Society, General Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and AP Chemistry

National Board Certified Teacher 2002-12(Adolescence and Young Adulthood Science)

Ohio Master Teacher 2008-13

Awards: 2000-01 Fairborn High School Teacher of the Year

Howard L. Post Excellence in Education Award Recipient:


Governor's Teacher Award 2007-2008

Fairborn Education Foundation and Alumni Association Honoree 2011,2012,2013,2014

Team Awarded Grants:

National Math & Science Initiative
Ohio School Net Interactive Video Distance Learning
Wright Connection I and II
Discovery Model School I and II

Ohio Path Wise Trained: Summer 2005

Ohio Instructional Leadership Academy 2016-17

University of Dayton Chemistry Laboratory Instructor 2016

Fairborn High School                                    
900 East Dayton Yellow Springs Road              
Fairborn, OH 45324                                                

School Tel: 937-879-3611 TEC # 3160     

Management and Teaching Methodologies

Discipline Plan,

Chemistry Classroom Management Plan,  

Laboratory Safety Rules

Safety Resources Addison Wesley2002@

Student and Textbook Information Sheet,

Kirk's Regular Class Schedule 2020-2021 Face-to-Face

Time Period Course Room
   7:20  -  8:06 1st AP Chemistry Pd1 210
   8:10  -  8:54 2nd AP Chemistry Pd2 210
  8:58  -  9:18 Advisory Advisory 210
  9:22  - 10:06 3rd Technology Duty 210
 10:10  - 10:54 4th Chemistry1-02 210
 10:58  - 11:28 Lunch A Lunch 210

 11:31  - 12:34

5th Chemistry1-03 210
12:38  -  1:22 6th Conference 210
  1:26  -  2:10 7th Chemistry1-04 210

Kirk's Class Schedule 2020-2021 On-Line Remote Learning


Teachers can be located by the Main Office during their Prep. Period and Lunch.

Please do not attempt to reach Mr. Kirk either before school or at lunch unless it is an emergency. He is available during his Prep. Period and after school every day except Friday until 3:00p.m.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are Study Sessions for all of his students that need assistance. Let him help his students. These are not good days to reach Mr. Kirk.

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