Lesson Plan Day: 10                                                         9/3/2019


Teacher: P. Kirk

Subject: Science

Course: Chemistry


Assess student understanding of lab measurement (volume, length,

temperature and mass) as well as burner use and

glass ware manipulation.

Once students are finished with the lab practical or waiting for the next station they will have access to Chromebooks to begin EA1a, visit PhET: States of Matter Basics and start making their 36 element flip cards.


C.PM.1: Atomic structure , Evolution of atomic models/theory


Take the Lab Safety Quiz and Lab Practical  

Pick up and begin work on 1.1 Substances vs Mixtures, Mixtures: Homogeneous and Heterogeneous    

Start making element cards with name and symbol for the first 36 elements.

EA 1a and visit PhET States of Matter Basics


Chapter 0 Vocabulary & Chapter 1



The student will take a formative and Practical Quiz.

When the student is finished with the Practical he/she will work on Substances vs Mixture, Mixtures and completed the electronic assignment EA 1a.   


The teacher will prepare the copies of the Lab Quiz and set up a Lab  Practical. The teacher will examine student work and evaluate their performance on the practical portion of the evaluated lab skills. Teacher will have copied Substance vs Mixture / Mixtures worksheet. Teacher will have out (9  3x5cards for each student) to split twice and make 36 element cards. 



Copies of the Quiz, Lab Practical set up evaluating the reading of 2 volumes, 2 lengths, 2 temperatures and 2 masses 

Copies of Substance vs Mixture /Mixtures

3x5 cards



Teacher will evaluate and grade the student performance on both the  paper and lab practical portion of the Lab Quiz.

Teacher will have answers posted for the practice worksheets.

Teacher will check student element cards at a later date.

Grades will be taken for EA1a

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