Lesson Plan Day: 11                                                             9/4/2019


Teacher: P. Kirk

Subject: Science

Course: Chemistry


Determine the relationships between different classifications of matter.

Differentiate between physical and chemical characteristics and explain the differences between physical and chemical changes.


C.PM.1: Atomic structure , Evolution of atomic models/theory


Complete practice and be able to identify matter as a pure substance (element or compound) or a mixture (homogeneous or heterogeneous.)

Complete practice and be able to identify changes in matter as physical or chemical changes and determine whether properties are physical or chemical properties.

Begin the two day lab activity Physical and Chemical Changes Lab.



 Chapter 1 Key Terms



The student will read 1.1, practice and check answers for the worksheets Matter vs Mixture / Mixtures. They will read 1.2 and 1.3 Physical and Chemical Properties / Changes. They will over three days also complete EA1a and EA 1b.

Students should complete making their elements cards and visit Phet: States of Matter Basics.  

Students will work with lab partners to complete the lab identifying different Physical and Chemical Changes based on pre-reaction and post-reaction Physical and chemical properties.


The teacher will lead and monitor student progress through the reading and the practice worksheets. Teacher will assist as students complete EA1a and EA1b.

Teacher will copy lab materials and have prepared 7 different lab stations, each with a reaction of sorts that must be observed and determine whether the reaction involves a physical or chemical change.


 Copies of Matter vs Mixture / Mixtures, Physical vs Chemical Properties / Changes will be made available for students.

EA1a and EA 1b will be launched and published for student access.

The 7 station Physical and Chemical changes lab will be set up at students desks.


Worksheets will be checked against available answer sheets. EA1a and EA1b will be submitted as grades. Students will have the Physical and Chemical Changes Lab to determine level of understanding and comprehension and interconnectedness of the vocabulary and concepts.

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