Lesson Plan Day: 13                                                             9/6/2019


Teacher: P. Kirk

Subject: Science

Course: Chemistry

Topic: Introduction of the Periodic Table and the simplest pieces of matter the elements.



C.PM.1: Atomic structure , Evolution of atomic models/theory



Learn the Elements of the Periodic Table.



The correct spelling of the names of the first 36 elements and the correct capitalization of the symbols.



The student will make element flip cards. They will cut nine (9) 3x5 cards into four each making a total of 36 cards. Write the name on of each element spelled correctly on one side of the card and its symbol with correct capitalization on the other. Learn the elements by completing the Element Fun Test Extra Credit assignment.



The teacher will go over the first two problems on the extra credit assignment Albert Einstein's nick name is Al so on the paper the students will write Al and the name of the element Aluminum. Monitor students making the element flip cards.


3x5 flip cards, scissors, Copies of Element Fun Test extra credit assignment. Copies of the Flinn Periodic Table.


Cards will be checked and a grade given for completion. The extra credit assignment will be graded. Every 5 correct will be a bonus point.

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