Lesson Plan Day: 14 


Teacher: P. Kirk

Subject: Science

Course: Chemistry


First 36 Elements of the periodic table.  Scientific Notation. Metric Prefix conversion.  


C.PM.1: Atomic structure, Evolution of atomic models/theory
C.PM.2: Periodic Table


Learn the correct spelling of the first 36 elements and the correct capitalization of symbols. Learn Scientific Notation/Standard notation. Go over the Metric prefix line.



The names of the first 36 elements spelled correctly and the symbols written with correct capitalization.

Scientific Notation, Standard Notation, Exponents, (6) main Metric Prefixes


The students will take the element quiz. They will be given a blank periodic table that has only element symbols. It should only take 10 minutes. Monitor their progress and minimize cheating. At completion students will group grade each others papers, correcting misspellings. Students will use the back of the quiz as practice.

Convert numbers into and out of scientific notation. Use the practice problem and check answers on provided key.

Convert measurements within the metric system using the prefix line. Check answers against the provided key.


Teacher will copy required resources. Teacher will monitor students during the quiz. Teacher will go over the correct spellings and break the element names into phonetic segments to aid in correct spelling. 

Go over notes about converting numbers into scientific or exponential notation and back to standard notation. Teacher will monitor, check and correct student progress.

Go over the use of the prefix line. Use decimal movement, fractional and exponential forms to explain the conversion of one measurement into another prefix. Teacher will monitor, check and correct student progress.


Copies of Element Quiz 1, Blank Periodic Tables with only Symbols



All three quizzes will be averaged for a single grade. Students will self evaluate their practice exercises and teacher will circulate and assist.


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