Lesson Plan Day: 17 


Teacher: P. Kirk

Subject: Science

Course: Chemistry

Topic: Identifying Significant Figures in measurements.



C.PM.1: Atomic structure, Evolution of atomic models/theory
C.PM.2: Periodic Table



Students have learned how to round. Unfortunately, they did not learn when to round or why to round. We round to the significance of the measuring devices we use. 



 Significant Figures



The students will learn and practice the identification of significant figures. There are five rules for the identification of sig figs.



The teacher will use notes and example problems to demonstrate the application of the five rules and identify sig figs.



 Sig Fig Notes, Sig fig introduction sheet copies



Sig fig introduction, Sig Fig Level I are practice sheets. Students will check answers. Teacher will monitor student progress. Sig Fig Level II will be collected for a grade. There will be a quiz covering the combined skills of sig fig identification and sig figs in calculations (addition and subtraction) and (multiplication and division.)


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