Lesson Plan Day: 24 


Teacher: P. Kirk

Subject: Science

Course: Chemistry

Topic: Dimensional Analysis and the Factor Label Method



C.PM.1: Atomic structure, Evolution of atomic models/theory
C.PM.2: Periodic Table



Use algebra skills stressing numerators and denominators to show the systematic conversion of a given into desired units using conversion factor(s).



Numerator, denominator, conversion factor, unity



Students will follow teacher examples and practice several conversions. Students will work on DA Level I as practice, EA 2C and DA Level II for grades.


The teacher will use notes and many examples to show students the setup and execution of DA. Teacher will prepare and copy DA introduction and the Factor Label Method, DA Level I and DA Level II. Teacher will prepare and publish EA2C.



DA Notes, Copy worksheets,  EA2C



Practice assignments will be monitored by the teacher. DA Level II and EA2C will be graded. There will be a Density Lab that will require the use of all of the obtained skills and a quiz at the completion of this unit.


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