Lesson Plan Day: 36        10/11 


Teacher: P. Kirk

Subject: Science

Course: Chemistry

Topic: Structure of the atom. Types, location, charge and number of subatomic particles.



C.PM.1: Atomic structure - Evolution of atomic models/theory


Define an atom. Learn the evolution of atomic models.  Discuss the types, charges and location of particles within the atom.



 Nucleus, proton, electron, neutron



Students will take the Atom Quiz they should have access to their blank periodic tables and possibly calculators.

Students will work on Chapter 3 Key Terms. Students will Read 3.3 and complete 3.3 Study Guide. Students will visit PhET: Build an atom and use the simulation to complete the Phet: Build an Atom handout and learn about the structure of atoms. Electronic Assignment EA3b is to be completed.

Students will use colored pencils to place the correct number of each type of particle in the appropriate location according to the key or legend they use for their (Assigned Atom) Teacher's job will be easier if you assign specific colors to specific particles. Red-protons, Green-neutrons, Blue-electrons.



Teacher will administer and monitor the Atom Quiz.

Teacher will pass out numbers to students that didn't get them 1-36 to students as they enter and collect those numbers back. The numbers assign the student the Atom Model they are to build.

The teacher will monitor student progress through these four activities. Teacher may need to show parts of the PowerPoint to assist students in the completion of the activities.   


ChromeBooks, EA3b, Copies of Atom Quiz, Blank Periodic Tables, 3.3 Study Guide, PhET Build an Atom handout, Notes and PowerPoints



The Atom Quiz should be graded for correctness out of 25 to 30points.

Teacher should be spot checking student progress on the PhET packet.  It could be collected for 10 to 20 points for completion. 3.3 Study Guide will take at least one night to complete and should be collected for 10 points. Chapter 3 Key Terms should be collected or spot checked for 5 to 10points.  EA3b should be taken for 10points.

Teacher will collect and grade student Atom Models for correct number and placement of particles. The model should be 10 to 15points.


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