Lesson Plan Day: 4 


Teacher: P. Kirk

Subject: Science

Course: Chemistry


 Laboratory Safety






Learn the location and proper use of safety and laboratory equipment through out the classroom.  



See Lab Skills Sheet



Student will complete the Laboratory Skill Packet and participate as teacher goes around the room and over equipment.

Student will complete Electronic Assignment (EA) Laboratory Safety Quiz on the Quest site.  

Student will turn in a completed and signed Student and Guardian Safety Contract.



The teacher will have copied the Laboratory Equipment Sheet, Laboratory Skills Packet, Lab Safety  Sheet, and created the EA Lab Safety Quiz.  

Teacher will go over each piece of equipment and its proper use.



 Laboratory Equipment Sheet, Laboratory Skills Packet, Lab Safety  Sheet, and EA Lab Safety Quiz



Students will have at completion a record of what skills they have and what equipment they can use.

Students will receive a grade from the EA Lab Safety Quiz.

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