Lesson Plan Day: 40 


Teacher: P. Kirk

Subject: Science

Course: Chemistry

Topic: Isotopes, differences in mass and different numbers of neutrons, abundance



C.PM.1: Atomic structure - Evolution of atomic models/theory

HS.PS1.C: Nuclear Processes
Nuclear processes, including fusion, fission, and radioactive decays of unstable nuclei, involve release or absorption of energy. The total number of neutrons plus protons does not change in any nuclear process. (HS-PS1-8)
Section 21.1: Nuclear reactions affect the nucleus of an atom.
Section 21.4: Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion


Take the Chapter 3 Test either version A or B to minimize cheating. Blank Periodic Tables and calculators will be needed.

Structure of the atom. Types, location, charge and number of subatomic particles. isotope, abundance, relative abundance, mass number, neutron  


Nucleus, proton, electron, neutron, alpha particle, source, scintillations, isotope, abundance, relative abundance, mass number, neutron



Students will take the Chapter 3 Test. Some students are granted extra time.



Will need to alternate the test forms to minimize cheating. Monitor student progress and grade the two different forms.

Those students are denoted by * on the Grade Book roster sheets. Please arrange to give those allowed extra time the time that they require to complete the test.



Copies of the two versions of the test. Blank Periodic Tables and calculators.



This is a summative assessment of all topics covered in chapter 3. The evaluation should be graded out of 100points.

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