Lesson Plan Day: 46             10/28

Teacher: P. Kirk

Subject: Science

Course: Chemistry


Ionizing radiation can harm living tissue.

Film and electronic methods can be used to detect radiation. 

Radioactivity has many applications.

Storage and disposal of nuclear waste pose important concerns. 


HS.PS1.C: Nuclear Processes
Nuclear processes, including fusion, fission, and radioactive decays of unstable nuclei, involve release or absorption of energy. The total number of neutrons plus protons does not change in any nuclear process.

Section 21.1: Nuclear reactions affect the nucleus of an atom.
Section 21.4: Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion


Learn different methods can be used to detect radiation and discuss the effects that ionizing radiation can have on living tissue.

Discuss the common applications of radioactivity and uses for radioactive materials.

Discuss the Pros and Cons of using radioactive materials and the concerns about transportation, storage and disposal of nuclear waste. 


roentgen, rem, film badge, Geiger-Muller counter, scintillation counter, radioactive dating, radioactive tracer, nuclear waste 


S will read and take notes on 21.3 from PPT, text and available printable notes.  S will work alone or in small groups to complete Study Guide 21.3. 


T will go over 21.3 PPT and monitor students as they work to complete Study Guide 21.3. T will copy and distribute Study Guide 21.3. 

T has access to and can demonstrate several devices that are used to detect radiation including Geiger counter and film badges.


21PPT, online printable notes, 21.3 Study Guide,  Radioisotopes resource page, periodic tables and calculators.    

Nuclear Box containing a variety of sources, detectors and other resources.


Students will submit for grading the 21.3 Study Guide. Formative assessment will be done as T monitors and assists students.


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