Lesson Plan Day: 5 


Teacher: P. Kirk

Subject: Science

Course: Chemistry


 Go over Lab Equipment that is contained in student Lab Drawers. Stock lab drawers with the appropriate equipment.






 Teach the names and appearance of equipment that will be used this  year. Get drawers stocked with the needed equipment. Produce  seating charts for the first lab groups. Clean equipment.



 Names of lab equipment.



The students will clean and inventory student drawers. Excess items will be returned to the teacher and needed items will be retrieved by students. They will learn the name and appearance of items.



 Go over each piece of equipment and discuss its use. Monitor all tables and activities. Assist students in cleaning. Retrieve items for and from students.



Need extra copies of equipment sheets. Have master keys available to get into student drawers and materials to students. 



Students will be evaluated by inspection.


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