THE AP Chemistry BIBLE

Predicting Products in Chemical Reactions

I. Combination

A. Two elements a compound

B. Metal oxide + water a base

C. Nonmetal oxide + water a acid

D. Metal oxide + nonmetal oxide a salt

II. Decomposition

A. Reverse of above combination reactions

B. Metallic chlorates a metallic chlorides + O2

C. Metallic carbonates a metallic oxides + CO2

D. Compound electrolyzed a elements (may involve solute or water)

E. H2O2 a H2O + O2

III. Single Replacement (Redox)

A. Metal replaces metal ion in compound if metal is more active

B. Metal replaces H in acids if metal is more active than H (Note: if acid is nitric or conc. sulfuric, reaction is more complex)

C. Halogen replaces a halogen in compound if halogen more active

D. Very active metal replaces H in H2O; forms metallic hydroxide & H2

IV. Double Replacement:

Two aqueous ionic compounds react if one product is a precipitate, gas, or molecule (such as water).

V. Combustion

        Oxygen + compound a oxides of elements in compound

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