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Please, tell me what you think about this web site. I would greatly appreciate your help in creating a more useful and user friendly site. If you have any tools and/or suggestions that may prove useful to me and my students, then please let me know.

Help me enhance the learning process. I am always looking for local field trip possibilities and local speakers. Donations of equipment and time for my students and classroom are always welcome. I am willing to have visitors in my classroom via either Interactive Video Distance Learning or in person.

Thank you for visiting the Fairborn High School Chemistry Web Site.

P. Kirk

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If you wish to link to this Web site, then please link to the FHS Chemistry page. Linking to sub-pages within the site is not suggested.  

The contents of this site are the property of the site web-master and should not be either copied for use in other web sites or printed for use by teachers in other classrooms without the consent of the web-master. Most likely, if you ask me, I will give my permission to use the materials. I would however, appreciate being asked before you use materials that have taken hundreds of hours to prepare and several years to refine. 

Students are welcome to use the resources contained within this site within reason. Do not try to pass my materials off as your own. The notes I have generated can never take the place of your own notes gained by reading and outlining the concepts contained within your own coursework and textbook.    What the hand writes the brain remembers........

Legal Stuff

Laboratory experiments contained within this site should not be performed without the proper supervision of a chemistry teacher.

The web-master does not claim to be the creator of the information contained within this sight only the generator of the format it is presented within on this site. The web-master will and does give full credit to the authors of the texts associated with these courses and the scientists developing and contributing to the information within these texts.

This web site is the property of the web-master alone. The web-master alone is responsible for the material and information contained within. Fairborn City School's, Fairborn High School and its associates have no responsibility in this sites creation or the material contained within.

The creator of this site has tried to follow all copyright laws, trademarks and patents. If anyone and/or any entity takes rightful claim of any portion of this site, then its use within this site will be terminated immediately. The web-master has attempted in good faith to create materials and assist in student learning. No misuse of either information or materials was intended. Permissions have been sought out for all materials generated by others that have been incorporated directly within this site. Any permission that was not sought and received is purely accidental. Similarities between materials on this site and others is coincidental. No credit is taken in the data of resources section. These resources are compilations of many different sources.   

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